WP Master Control V2 Review


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Every WP Site Is At Risk Of Total Loss


Every day it’s the same old story, another marketer has lost their business.


Insuficient or no backups, bad security configuration, lack of updates… it all ends the same…


Most marketers simply haven’t got the time or the knowledge to get their sites configured with backups, firewalls, security… it takes hours per site!


On minute your site is earning great money.. the next, it’s gone. And you’re starting over from square one.

Getting A WP Site Set Up & Configured Eats Your Time


Even when you know what you’re doing, setting up a new WP site is a tedious and time killing process.


For every new site you have to install all your plugins & themes. You have to configure backups, firewall rules, anti-spam.. the list goes on…


To make matters worse, if you miss one single step, your site could be vulnerable to data loss of hacker attacks.

WP Master Control V2 Review:

  • PC Software
  • Automatically Sets Up & Configures Security & Firewalls
  • Automatically Sets Up & Configures Backups
  • Installs any Plugin from WP Repository
  • Installs Any Plugin or Theme You Own
  • Auto Updates WP & Plugins
  • Clears WordPress Default Settings, Pages & Posts
  • Saves Hours Of Time In Essential Site Configuration